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The Iranian Journal of Forensic Medicine is the official journal of the Forensic Medicine Organization of Iran in the field of forensic medicine, which includes new materials in the field of forensic medicine in order to improve the knowledge of physicians, lawyers and researchers. The license to publish the SJFM was obtained from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in January 1993, and its first issue was published in July 1994 and is being published continuously yet. This journal was published as a monthly until 2003, but since the beginning of that year, due to the change to the research approaches, it has been published as a quarterly and in the form of scholarly articles. In December 2003, this magazine succeeded in obtaining the scholarly rank from the Iranian Medical Sciences Journals Commission. At present, the main language of the SJFM is Persian and short abstract (250 words), and expanded abstract (1000 words) of articles are also published in English.
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