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Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors among Women Victims of Domestic Violence Referred to Social Emergency: Emphasis on the Role of Childhood Traumas
K. Babaei Nadiluei *1, B. Osuli2, Z. Ebadi3, K. Sattari Sefidan Jadid2
1- Center of Social Emergency (123), Department of Welfare, Tabriz, Iran , k.babaei66@gmail.com
2- Department of Welfare, Tabriz, Iran
3- Center of Social Emergency (123), Department of Welfare, Tabriz, Iran
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Aims: Facing childhood trauma can have significant psychological and neurological effects on the individual and can lead to many psychological disorders. When people face with a problem that it is associated with their childhood memories choose ineffective coping strategies, such as suicide, which have many unfortunate consequences. Accordingly, the aim of this study was to investigate the suicidal thoughts and behaviors among women victims of domestic violence with an emphasis on the role of childhood trauma.
Materials & Methods: In this descriptive-correlational study, 100 women victims of domestic violence referred to social emergency in Azarshahr in 2020 were selected by purposive sampling method. Childhood trauma questionnaires (CTQ), Suicidal Behaviors Questionnaire-Revised (SBQ-R), Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation (BSSI), and Depression Anxiety and Stress Scales (DASS-21) were used as research tools. The data were analyzed by SPSS 22 software using Pearson correlation test and multiple regression.
Findings: There was a positive significant correlation between suicidal behaviors and components of childhood trauma including emotional, sexual, physical abuse and emotional neglect (p<0.01). Also emotional, sexual, physical abuse and emotional neglect explained 38% of variance of suicidal behaviors.
Conclusion: Women who have experienced trauma in childhood are more likely to choose suicide behaviors when facing life problems, especially domestic violence, and are prone to depression, anxiety and stress.
Keywords: |Suicide|Childhood Trauma|domestic violence|Social Emergency ,
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Article Type: Original Research | Subject: Community Medicine
Received: 2020/06/4 | Accepted: 2020/06/27 | Published: 2020/07/22
* Corresponding Author Address: Department of Welfare, Emam Street, Tabriz, Iran. Postal code: 5371193165
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Babaei Nadiluei K, Osuli B, Ebadi Z, Sattari Sefidan Jadid K. Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors among Women Victims of Domestic Violence Referred to Social Emergency: Emphasis on the Role of Childhood Traumas. Sci J Forensic Med. 2020; 26 (1) :1-8
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